Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hello fellow readers,

Me, Diana has got a new blog domain! Many thanks to my hubby, who contributes the fund.Hahaha...
My new features are cool and I'm loving it! Bye bye blogspot !!

I wanna go Cruise !!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I really wanna join this cruise and I was soooooooooooo disappointed to see the ONLY DEPARTURE DATE ...sob sob sob... I always wanted to go Hong Kong via cruise because the piers are really happening, I always wanted to go Hainan Island because I myself is a Hainanese, I always wanted to visit Ho Chi Minh and Danang (Vietnam) because I have never been there before. Look at the price, I really feel like booking the cruise right a way but then I've promised Sister Lee that I will go back on the 15th Dec.

Little Surprise for Cheryl

Sunday, November 02, 2008

M & D at WaRaku

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hmm, Ben is not in town and tonight, M & D went to WaRaku. Sorry for the lousy photos, it was way too dim to take good one.

Service is bad, nothing to rave about. Maybe because it was only 2 of us, the seating is pathetic, don't think I'll come back to this outlet at Heeran, still prefer the one at The Central and now, regret for not ordering their pasta..With this charges, I was expecting the food to be better.

Parent's 34th Wedding Anniversary

Coincidently, it falls on Halloween..but parents wanted to go M'sia so we decided to dine out a day before instead.

At Soup Restaurant

This is their 34th wedding anniversary and these 2, still holding hands when they go out. To sustain a long lasting relationship, there are just too many things to learn..
  1. forgive & forget
  2. remain positive
  3. get rid of all insecure feeling
  4. trust
  5. respect
  6. acceptance
  7. empathy
  8. be a listener
  9. sharing

And the list goes on...

This is the way when Annie is away

Annie is away, my guess is - Australia for 2 weeks or so? Obviously, I couldn't make appointment for my furballs and this is what I manage to do at the time being...using my rubber band instead of their latex band.

Actually, I do miss their top knots.

Tricks or Treats !?!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh, it's Halloween again. Ben's ang moh colleagues in US are telling him they are going to dress up together with the kids and enjoy their holiday.

In Singapore, we don't really celebrate Halloween. At most, you will see people dressing up for parties, in weird outfits, along Orchard Road, Bugis and Cityhall area. The common Halloween activities include trick-or-treat, costume parties,watching horror movies,ghost tours, visiting haunted attractions! Yeah, I received an email from SPI for the visiting and of course, I did not respond to that mail.

Maybe I should try watching scary movies later.. Hahaha...

While on our way home, I saw Stefanie, our new neighbour, bringing her 4 kids out, distributing candies and they are all dressed up in cute outfits. Thanks darlings for your candies and hope you all enjoy the night!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do they look like lollipops to you?
Thanks to my reader who shared her experience with me on ttc. Congratulations to you and wish you have a smooth delivery! After discussing with Ben, we decided to get a box and try.
*crossing my fingers* Hope we don't have to make appointment with Dr. Kelly Loi.

Place Your Orders !?

Frequent Questions & Answers

1. Can I order cookies for this Christmas? So sorry, I am not taking in any orders for this Christmas.

2. May I know why? It is because I will be away and only be back in Singapore 1 week or more before Christmas.

3. How about Chinese New Year goodies? Yes, I am taking in orders for CNY goodies.

4. What are the goodies? Spicy Shrimp Rolls, Bee Hive Biscuits aka Kuih Goyang, Sinful Choco Cookies.

5. Which are the MUST TRY goodies? My back-by-popular-demand Kuih Goyang and Sinful Choco Cookies.

6. By the way, are you increasing the prices for your goodies? Yes, I am. Please email me for prices.

My sincere apology to those who emailed me for my Christmas Cookies ordering, as Ben and I will be away for a good 3 weeks holidays in the State, I do not have the time to bake for Christmas. Besides, we will be holding a mini housewarming party with our closest buddies and paaji during this period, I somehow foresee that I will be extremely busy in this December and would prefer to not make any commitment.

BUT I am taking orders for Chinese New Year Goodies as requested by many "pioneer customers". For those who really miss the Bee Hive Biscuits and Sinful Choco Cookies, place your orders now to avoid disappointment! Again, I thank you all for your supports!


Ever since Ben got his kurta as a gift from his colleague from India, he keeps wearing it. "loose, comfortable and I love the design", said Ben. Maybe I should go to little india one day to get him a few.

From Wiki
A kurta (Persian/Urdu: کرتا, Hindi: कुरता) (also kurti for a shorter version worn by women) is a traditional item of clothing worn in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. It is a loose shirt falling either just above or somewhere below the knees of the wearer, and is worn by both men and women. It can be worn with a dhoti,[1] loose salwar pants, churidar pants (a tight-fitting variant of the salwar), as well as jeans. Kurtas are worn both as casual everyday wear and as formal dress. A kurta is also referred to as a "panjabi," (usually spelled lower-case) in Bengal, Britain, and Canada.[2]

Welcome Back !

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ever since I decided to lock my blog five days ago, various reasons have made me rethink about this whole blog-locking business. It is becoming more and more pointless to have the blog locked, based upon the following analysis:
  1. I receive an average of 10 requests per day for invitations. Going at this rate, the limitation of 100 invitees will soon run out.
  2. Genuine readers may not have returned before the blog is locked. And when they do, having a locked-down blog on their faces is not such a good idea. When that happens there is no way (that I know of) for them to request for an invitation. Okay, I know how it feels because I got locked out outside her blog and the funny part is, she can still view mine.
  3. Viewership of a private blog will only go down, never up. While I once thought it can do me some good, I now find it counterproductive.
I apology for making you guys send me requests for the past few days, thanks for your support and hope that my blog can continue to inspire/entertain you!

Happy Diwali !

To all our Paaji, Happy Diwali !

Sydney 2006

I know I know, super late post! I was suppose to blog about our trip in 2006 but.. I lost our CD and yeah, I found it now! PLEASE BEAR WITH ME, there are just tooooooo many photos, more than 200, Ben said you guys are not going to get pass the first 50 I made them into 2 parts. Enjoy!

Here I am trying my very best to remember what we did, what we ate and where we went...

Day 1 :
- Touched down Syd Airport
- Had simple lunch, slept and went out dinner with my cousin family and then rest at home.

Day 2 :
- Rainy Day
- Train to Circular QUay
- Went to the Rock
- Walk along George St
- Queen Victoria Building
- To Arncliffe for dinner (Jackie's place)
- Bad, I had migraine on this day

Day 3 :
- Sunny Day! Our PS day
- Went to Jackie's place for make up and tied my posy
- Gordon reached by 2pm and PS started
- PS Location : Arncliffe, UTS, Garrison Church, Observatory, Pier 1, Botanical Garden, Macquarie Chair, St Mary Catheral Church, Hype Park and Park Hyatt

Day 4 :
- Sunny
- Went to Central (Chinatown) but Paddy's Field Closed on Wed
- Went to Market Place after that for lunch
- Strolled along Darling Harbour, Chinese Garden, Sussex St, Goerge St, QVB
- Went to Kinokuniya and bought a 500 cupcakes book.
- Dinner at Beverly Hills

Day 5 :
- COLDEST DAY in NOV, temp around 9-10 deg celcius!
- Went to Hurstville, Miranda

Day 6 :
- Left B.Hills
- Breakfast at Macdonalds'
- Went to Coogee Beach?
- Went to Darling Harbour, QVB with Margaret

Day 7 :
- Dim Sum at Marigold, Chinatown
- Train to Circular Quay
- To the Opera House
- Went to The Rock with Margaret
- Took photos at Strand Arcade
- BBQ at Jackie's place
- Margaret and Parents went to Koolewong with Uncle Gordon and Aunt Pat

Day 8 :
- Ben and I took a train from Arncliffe to Woy Woy, Uncle Gordon picked us up to Koolewong
- Went to Hunter Valley with Aunt Pat, Uncle Gordon, Ralph, Jackie and Mya
- Mum made Mee Hoon Kuey for dinner

Day 9 :
- Went shopping at Erina/Arena? at Gosford
- Ben and I took train + bus to the Library nearby

Day 10 :
- Went to Blue Mountain & Wentworth Falls

Day 11 :
- Uncle Gordon brought us to Woy Woy to see Pelicans
- Daddy went carbbing with Uncle Gordon
- Aunt Pat cooked crab and mum cooked Roasted Pork today

Day 12 :
- Took pretty nice photos at Avoca
- Went to Tuggerah and got Cheryl some clothes
- Had fish & chips at the Entrance and saw Pelican again
- Dinner : Curry chicken

Day 13 :
- Had Pancake at home and left Koolewong
- Took a train back to Arncliffe
- Packed our luggages and left at 2pm to airport
- SQ222 at 1655hrs
- Took a maxicab back home

Lastly, I hope you all enjoy the photos and sorry for the captions, just to lazy to insert. We really thank the Cox Family, Uncle Gordon and Aunt Pat for EVERYTHING !

ASD - Action for Singapore Dogs

While shopping at Marina Square on Saturday, we saw ASD booth. There are quite a few gift items on sale, mainly to raise fund for ASD.

What is ASD?

We bought 2
fast tags from ASD 2 years back for Smoochie and Twistie, as for this year, we bought a large maroon brolly at SGD18

3rd Dose of S/C Doramectin

Given 3rd dose of Dora yesterday.

Ever since we started s/c Dora, I noticed that Twistie is getting more and more timid and requires someone to be with him 24/7. It becomes a problem for us as we do need to leave a house at time, for a 2 hours lunch and of course, approx. 8 hours when both of us need to work during the weekdays. Twistie becomes nervous easily and he drools a lot as well, not when we are at home but whenever we come home in the evening, his paws are wet and his body temperature goes up. I then need to hold him for quite a while before he settles down.

Maybe this has got nothing to do with the medication, Ben suggested that I should really stay home after my 4 months assignments. Maybe he is right, I'll probably rest a while before I take up other assignments.

Okay, let's know a little bit more about mites : (extract from
Mites in dogs is known generally as Mange and cause severe irritation in dogs with symptoms of inflammation, itching and hair loss. Mites cause their damage by tunneling into the skin via the hair follicles and oil glands of the epidermal layer. Once the dog begins scratching the pruritus, soreness and redness begin to develop leading to crusty skin and scabs. Mites normally live freely in dogs and cats, even humans without ever bothering their host; it is only when the immune system of the host suffers because of any number of circumstances do the mite begin their process of infestation – sometimes causing life-threatening conditions.

The most frequent types of Mites are as follows:
Sarcoptic Mange or Mites
Demodectic Mange or Mites --> Twistie got this.
Cheyletiella Mange also called “Walking Dandruff” – (literally crawling under your skin)

This is exactly what I saw at Mt.Pleasant Clinic after skin scrap.

Demodex Mites & Mange
Demodectic or Demodex Mange is the most common form of canine mange and are similar to that of a Sarcoptic mite in the way they burrow, feed and reproduce. This parasite is actually part of the normal skin fauna and is usually present in small numbers in health animals. The term Mange actually only characterizes the HIGH number of mites that cause more damage and usually signify an underlying immunodeficiency.

Symptoms of a Mite Infestation
When eruption of mites occurs on a host, several symptoms will manifest. Severe irritation caused by burrowing and moving beneath the skin will develop and pruritus (the intense scratching that occurs to alleviate the discomfort) can become self-mutilation. Alopecia (generalized hair loss) results from the loosening of the hair follicles the oversized population of mites do. Cracking and scabs will also develop in the worst conditions. Blood serum can sometimes be seen bleeding from the lesions and fissures. If the case has become this serious the animal is looking at secondary infections from bacteria’s from insects and the environment. If mange goes untreated, animals will die or be forced to be euthanized.